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The Best LED Grow Lights Video Series.

Plant Grow Lights and how to get the most out of them.

The above video is the first of the LED Grow Light Video Series, from HLG UK Europe. If you're a hobbyist grower, then you'll get some real insights from this series, well worth your time to go through. We can't count how many emails we've receieved in our inbox, about Plant Grow Lights. Even though the questions are posed slightly differently, they tend to asking the same sort of thing. So rather than continuely answering the same question time and again, we opted for pulling together a video series which would answer the most burning questions that hobbyists like you have when it comes to LED Grow Lights. In this lesson we'll share with you:
  • How much light do you need to grow your crops?
  • What's the light requirement for optimum growth?
And a load more. So when it comes to measuring the amount of light needed, and tackling the "Lumens" question, you'll find it in this lesson. Along with the colour rendering index, to you and me... CRI and the whole thing about wattage. These are some of the areas, high on the list of things to tackle and have answers to. Some of the answers you'll get in lesson number one, will reveal some aspects of growing which may surprise you. These video lessons are designed to clear the fog, in the most part, of how you get the most out of your grow lights and the little things you need to have in place and enabled, for that bumper harvest. Sit back, relax with a cuppa and take in what we share with you in this first video. If you want a LED grow light that truely works and how to get the very most out of it... then we're sure you'll enjoy lesson 1!