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INNOVATIVE… Powerful and Precise  LED lighting for Your Grow Room!

Key Features and Benefits

  • Harvest Faster with Better Results by using our Game Changing Highly Effective White light Spectrum Lighting
  • Top quality components for those who want the best try the Industry Leading Exclusive HLG-Samsung Quantum Board LED Modules
  • No Moving Parts just a Simple Reliable Passive-Cooled Design
  • Quantum Board Technology solves temperature related issues, during hot summer months due to low heat emissions and minimal radiant heat
  • Better Canopy Penetration due to Diffused Light Emission which, means the Light reaches lower down your plant
  • Highly Energy Efficient Dimmable Power Supply to turn lamp Down during Veg and Up during Bloom
  • More Yield Per Watt and Grow Higher Quality Crops than HID/HPS
  • 3000k Great for Vegging & Flowering your plants
  • Built to last & Engineered to the...

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Are you looking to produce a bountiful harvest in a compact space? If you are, then look no further than the New HLG 300 V2. This little beauty is the ideal lamp for light-loving plants, like Aubergines, Cucumbers & Tomatoes. By using this lamp be prepared for a double whammy; whereby you slash your electricity bill and get to enjoy the perks of a bumper harvest.

Due to its staggering performance, this 285watt baby will directly replace around 615 watts of single-ended HID lighting. In fact, the HLG series LED grow lights currently outperforms a typical HID lamp, watt for watt, by a seriously impressive 90%.

This means you get to enjoy an extra 90% more light per watt than a typical 600w HID lamp and reap the rewards of a bountiful harvest, without the added hassle of high electric consumption, and all that excessive HID heat.

In Fact, we are so confident in our claims, and so certain they will live up to your expectations as promised, we even offer a No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

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Lamp Specs & Details

  • Power : 120 – 285 Watts
  • Voltage Range : 90 – 277 VAC
  • Vegetative Footprint : 4 x 4ft – 1. 44m2
  • Flowering Footprint : 25 x 3.25ft – 1.0m2
  • Recommended Height : 40 – 60cm
  • System Efficiency : 170 Lm / W
  • System PPF : 2 .47 umol / Joule
  • Total Output : 704 PPF@285 Watts
  • Dimensions : 51cm x 45cm x  6cm
  • Weight : 5 kg

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